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Lot Number:32
Start Time:10/27/2023 10:30:00 PM
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• Heterozygous Polled

• This Graduate son is a ‘balanced trait’ bull that records impressive individual performances of 101 for ADG and 102 for WPDA.

• 232K will be a ‘cowmaker’ and ranks in the Superior 1% of the breed for Milk and Scrotal, Elite 2% for Marb and Maternal, and the Top 25% or better for BW, Udder, and Teat scores.

Type:Breeding Age Bulls
Registration Number:M980011
Sire:VPI The Graduate 917G
Dam:VPI Tiara 327A
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500 Plantation Road
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
United States

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*Health Note: Breeding-age bulls and fall-calving cows were vaccinated on 10/24/23 with Pyramid 10 for pre-breeding purposes. Spring-born calves were dewormed with Cydectin pour-on and have received a second dose of Vision 7 on 10/12/23. Lots 3A and 4A were calf-hood vaccinated on 9/22/23. Fall-born calves were injected with Vision 7 on 10/24/23. All cattle are voluntarily tested for BLV and Johnes Annually.