About SaleRing.live

The first wave of online auction innovation in the livestock business began in the early 2000’s. It’s been an exciting two decades of connecting buyers and sellers across the country, but traditionally, sellers had to choose between having a live auction or having an online auction.

But what if you could have the energy of a live auction AND the convenience of an online auction? 

SaleRing.live was created as a one-stop shop for profit-minded livestock breeders and their customers. Yes, we can host your online auction with a live auctioneer. Yes, we can broadcast your live auction online. And yes, if you’re looking for the classic online auction format, we can do that, too.

At SaleRing.live, we put people first, value professionalism in all interactions, and believe it’s a privilege to help you market your livestock. If you’re ready to try a marketing platform with a transparent process for buyers and sellers, give us a shout.

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