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One of the most unique young sires ever produced in the Montana Ranch program, Jet 1271 is the next step in the quest for the right blend of maternal productivity, structural integrity and desirable type and kind.

A three-dimensional powerhouse packed with muscle, masculinity, and rib shape, combined with impeccable structure and and flawless feet, Jet weaned at 64% of his dam's weight and was produced by an ideally-uddered maternal sister to the popular multi-trait sire, Rainmaker 4404.

The progeny from Jet born at Montana Ranch are superbly stout with added shape and bone, yet earn him the status of a heifer-safe sire with an average BW of 75 pounds. Jet is one of the high-use sires in the program in 2023 with numerous females in this event carrying his service.

Registration Number:20138612
Sire:Sitz Stellar 726D
Sire Registration Number:18397542
Dam:Montana Joy 9330
Dam Registration Number:19510951
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1463 MT Hwy 83
Bigfork, Montana 59911
United States

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