Mill Brae FP Joanie 3063
Lot Number:1
Start Time:10/12/2022 7:00:00 PM
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Starting Bid:$2,000.00
Bid Increment:$100.00
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·       A true cornerstone in the Montana program and known as the Pathfinder Dam of herd sires, Joanie 3063 walks with the best of the breed and is extremely productive, fertile and prolific. Gorgeously feminine, deep-sided and broody with good feet and sound udder, Lot 1 exemplifies the classic Angus maternal look and is ideal in her type.   

·       With progeny production of BR 6@103; WR 6@104; YR 6@107; IMF 13@96; RE 13@106, Lot 1’s progeny include the Montana Ranch sires Benchmark, Judgement 1038 and Jake 1036; Mill Brae Cornerstone, the top-selling bull of the 2018 Mill Brae sale now working in the Willow Creek Angus program in KS; Mill Brae Conf Plus 9032 at Thomson Land & Livestock in ID; C Forever West at ELK Angus in WY; and Rafter 5M Scout 109 at Rafter 5M in OK.

·       Produced 77 quality embryos on 9 collections for an average of 8.6.

·       Sells with a bull calf at side (lot 1A) born 7/15/22 sired by Brooking Revival 0074. Tattoo: 2329; BW 70 lbs; AAA 20412916.

Registration Number:17630369
Sire:Connealy Final Product
Sire Registration Number:15848422
Dam:Mill Brae FA Joanie 9263
Dam Registration Number:16429762
Breeder/Farm:Montana Ranch
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1463 HWY 83
Bigfork, Montana 59911
United States

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