Montana Outcross 9077 x Montana Rita 7068 Conventional Embryos
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This mating combines two of the most unique breeding pieces in the Montana Ranch program. With exquisite femininity and elite productivity, Rita 7068 exemplifies Montana maternal. Right-sized and wedge-shaped, Rita 7068 is a second-generation donor in the program and posts a progeny record of 2 BR 100; 2 WR 111; 2 YR 105 and 2 IMF 124. Outcross 9077, the intriguing top-selling bull of the 2020 Montana Ranch sale, is drawing praise from breeders around the country for his ability to transmit outstanding muscle expression, truly impressive type and desirable breed character to his progeny. Sired by the noted maternal Pathfinder sire, Density, Outcross 9077, was produced from Porto 3616 (Erica 36D), a straight-Argentinian-bred female sired by the influential South American sire, Zorzal, from the famed Tres Marias herd.

Type:4 Conventional Embryos
Sire:Montana Outcross 9077
Sire Registration Number:19605058
Dam:Montana Rita 7068
Dam Registration Number:19010444
Breeder/Farm:Montana Ranch Angus
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