Ellingson Rider Pride 7282 x Montana Donna 8074 IVF Embryos
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The heir apparent to join her dam as a cornerstone embryo donor in the Montana Ranch program, Donna 8074 blends the Pathfinder Sire, Charlo, with the powerful Donna 505.Deep from fore rib to flank with impeccable hoof structure and striking femininity, Donna 8074 shows progeny 2 BR 99; 2 WR 104; and 1 YR 104. Her first calf, Montana Honesty 0016, was selected by Woodbury Farms of KS as a feature of the 2021 Montana Ranch sale. Full siblings to Donna 8074 include Donna 8075, the popular second high-selling bred heifer of the 2019 sale; Donna 7001, a headlining donor in the Thomson Land and Livestock program; and Foreman 8076, the second high-selling bull of the 2019 Montana Ranch bull sale purchased by Little Goose Ranch of WY.

Type:3 IVF Embryos
Sire:Ellingson Rider Pride 7282
Sire Registration Number:198899063
Dam:Montana Donna 8074
Dam Registration Number:19332690
Breeder/Farm:Montana Ranch Angus
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