Rainfall 6846 x Donna 3202 Conventional Embryos
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A maternal masterpiece in this mating from the Pathfinder Dam of the Genex calving ease specialist, Coleman Maverick 5322, with the $460,000 popular balanced-trait sire, Rainfall 6846. Impactful maternal cattle derive from cows with real prepotency. The dam stack of Donna 3202, Donna 714, Donna 386, Blackcap May 4136, Erica Dianna C116, Primrose 2424 and Abigale 6062 in the first four generations represents one of the truly great maternal pedigrees in the business. 

Stacking EXT 6106 with the great Donna 714, the ultra-low birthweight Donna 3202 is one of the most valuable breeding tools in the breed today. Her natural calves earn 3202 a progeny record of 5 BR 94, 5 WR 102 and 3 YR 108, including Donna 1387, slated to be a highlight of the 2022 Montana Ranch Female Sale.

Type:4 Conventional Embryos
Sire:SAV Rainfall 6846
Sire Registration Number:18578963
Dam:Coleman Donna 3202
Dam Registration Number:17783501
Breeder/Farm:Montana Ranch Angus
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