Barricade 632F x Donna 4356 IVF Embryos
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Classically beautiful and maternally complete, Donna 4356 occupies a place among the greatest daughters of Donna 714. Produced from the same mating as the $450,000 Coleman Bravo 6313 and the Montana Ranch featured sire, Patriot 6310, this powerful female is long-spined and gorgeously feminine with unparalleled depth. Donna 4356 earns a progeny record of 3 BR 85 balanced with 3 WR 101 and 17 IMF 110. 

Her progeny include Global 9129, a featured high-seller of the 2020 Montana sale; Foundation 8067, the 4th high-selling bull of the 2019 sale; Donna 8090, the lead-off and top-selling bred heifer in the 2019 sale; and Donna 8086, a highlight of the 2019 female sale.A true power bull with the genetics to improve hoof structure and muscle expression, Barricade 632F is among one of the most in-demand sires of 2022.

Type:3 IVF Embryos
Sire:SITZ Barricade 632F
Dam:Coleman Donna 4356
Breeder/Farm:Montana Ranch Angus
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